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The Decisive Moment - Photography and the Power of Intuition

 à 13:30

Date: Dimanche 13 Septembre 2020
Lieu: Zoom en direct,
Pour nous joindre: tél.

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**Organised by New Acropolis Chicago**:

The Decisive Moment - Photography and the Power of Intuition

Renowned street photographer and philosopher Pierre Poulain will hold a unique workshop about decisiveness and the power of intuition.

Based on his experience as a world-wide street photographer, combining personal stories with a profound philosophy of life, Pierre will discuss his decision-making process in photography and how it applies to everyday life.

This workshop is not only for photographers!

French born Pierre Poulain is a renowned photographer, philosopher and writer based in Israel. His works have been presented in exhibitions in many countries around the world - France, Ecuador, India, Canada, Israel, South Africa and more. Pierre is also the founder of the New Acropolis philosophy school in Israel and currently acts as its regional coordinator in Asia, Africa and Oceania. He writes extensively on photography as well as on other topics. His book, “PhotoSophy”, came out in 2019 in English, Spanish, Hebrew and French.

“The decisive moment is always a significant moment. It takes place in a fraction of a second. To learn to capture a moment like that is an art. You need intuition (…) and most of all, you need to let go of the conscious mind. Not to think. Not to try and understand. Not to interfere…” (Pierre Poulain)

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This workshop will take place online.